Friday, October 4, 2019

The Flow of Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Flow of Communication - Essay Example There are five types of messages that are most often communicated in the field of criminal justice. The list of five messages that are used include an email /memo, Letters, Reports; telephone Call, Personal Visit or email; long Memorandum reports with Visual Aids; Personal Visit or Telephone Call, Memorandum or Letter (McConnel 1993, pp. 44-45). The message type including email /memo, Letters, Reports depend on if the message requires a written record or not. The second factor is the requirement of an immediate feedback of the message, if so than the second category of telephone call; personal visit or an email is selected (Dean 1961, pp 12-16). The third important factor that is seen is the requirement of careful organization and supporting documentation, certification or credentials that may accompany the message; if so; long memorandum or reports with visual aids are generally selected. How urgent is the message is an important factor to be regarded when it comes to message types so considering the urgency, personal visit or telephone call; memorandum or a letter is taken into account (Arnold et al 1983, pp 34-35) The flow chart that has been given to us has to be taken into account if we are to discuss the ways in which the messages are communicated in many differ... This flow chart shows us the basic model of the communication of the messages (McConnell 1993, pp 12-13). When one has to communicate with the other person, a certain message has to be composed and sent to the other person. Thus the person composing the message and sending it is the "sender"; having an idea regarding the content of the message. The message is composed mentally therefore shaping up the idea, that idea has to be converted to a message of any form, whether it is the email or the report or a telephone call; keeping in mind all the factors that have been discussed above. The idea is converted into a message; thereby the message is encoded (King 1992, pp 23-25). The chosen channel of the message; as it depends upon the underlying factors; is sent to the receiver of the message. If it is the email, it will be sent through the available web services and so on. The receiver receives the message through the respective channel and the receiver decodes/opens the message. With the message there may be some additional feedback that awaits the receiver, so the sender may send the receiver some additional message that is received. The message that has been sent to the receiver might even require a reply of some sort; thereby the receiver may send a feedback to the sender (Adair 1997, pp 32-35). The whole communication cycle is a step-by-step formation of an organized channel of how the message is composed, thought over and sent to the receiver. In the beginning of it all, the message is just an idea. The idea is converted to an encoded message; decoded by the receiver. It all depends on the factors that underly the message that the channel of the massage is to be selected. The receiver always comes in

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