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How to be a Good Parent Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

How to be a Good Parent - Research Paper Example Parents should be concerned in the activities of their children so that they know the behavioral changes and the reasons of these changes. In this way, parents can easily solve the problems of children (Steinberg, 2004). Parents should know their children’s likes and dislikes, such as what sport, what television show they want to watch, who their friends are and why they hang around them. Through this strong connection, they can learn about the children. Parent should tell the children what is right and what is wrong, what is good and bad for them. Parents should set limitations so and ensure their children understand what those limitations are. Mostly young and inexperienced parents do not know the behavioral changes of the children because they are inexperienced. According to the writers, young parents need assistance for identifying these changes so that their children will become confident and self reliant in their lives. Parents should observe the children’s behavi or and attitude keenly so that they can know their children's behavioral changes. In this way, they can easily know the problems that children are facing in the life. (Hawkins, 1972). Parents should have a friendly attitude with children so that they feel protective and comfortable in their parents company. In this way, whenever a child faces some problem, he or she firstly will tell their problem to their parents. In this way, they will secure crucial issues. The parents who created a comfortable environment between children and themselves will become more confident and self-reliant. (Kerr & Stattin, 2000). Selecting a child’s name is the first and most valuable gift that parents give to their children. Parents have to be... How to be a Good Parent The research paper consists of the children that are in between 2 to 16 years. In this age, considerable changes occur in children because this is the age in which developments is in ongoing position. Then parents have to be conscious while behaving wrongly in front of the children because they are in learning position (Fontenelle, 2001). In this research paper, I will discuss the facts of how can anyone be a good parent. Parents are focused because many of them do not know how to treat their children for their mental and physical growth. Raising a child is a tricky exercise and arguably, one of the hardest undertakings one must go through. To be a parent is difficult because parents have many duties and responsibilities that have to be fulfilled. If parent fulfill their duties and responsibilities, children can easily tackle with all types of problems of life in a better way. There are several techniques through which parents can easily understand the children behavior and attitudes . Parents should interact with their children to know their behaviors and attitudes in a better way. Because according to physiologists when we interact with our children, we teach them behaviors (Fontenelle, 2001). Literature Review Every behavior effects on their mental and physical development. Through this research, I have seen same behaviors between children of between 2 to 16 years old children in America. Behaviors are the most important element to judge and know to any other person.

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