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Chapter 9 Homework: Substance Use Disorder Tanya Varkey Psychology 270 March 11th, 2014 Chapter 9 Homework: Substance Use Disorder Substance use disorder is a condition in which an individual depends on a substance, harming his or her mental health. In such a disorder, the continued use of the substance can affect a person’s normal functioning in correlation with the society. For example, the overuse of the substance leads to behavioral issues, which in turn, causes the person to fail in meeting the standards of work and or family matters. Substance intoxication refers to the state of being high due to the effect of the psychoactive substance used. The substance can be either a stimulant, increasing activity level, or a depressant which tends to slow down a persons’ activity level as well as awareness. Such substances are abused because individuals feel that they will be able to avoid uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms (Rosenberg and Kosslyn, 2011). Its’ negative cognitive effects such as not thinking properly nor having proper judgment can make a big impact upon an individuals’ abilit y to perform activities of daily living. Depressants is a category of drugs that individuals with substance use disorder consume. A depressant drug abuse can impede the activity of the central nervous system, causing decreased awareness and reduced activity of the brain (Rosenberg and Kosslyn, 2011). Tolerance and withdrawal are symptoms that depressant users display if the substance is used on a regular basis or even if it is discontinued (Rosenberg and Kosslyn, 2011). Examples of depressants include alcohol and types of sedative-hypnotic drugs such as benzodiazepines and barbiturates. Sedative-hypnotic drugs such as barbiturates and b... ... where the person experiences a blackout, meaning they are not able to recall what happened while he or she was drunk. In terms of treatment, abstinence is the main goal. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also provided in that it may eventually lead the person to understand that such an alcohol abuse can have several consequences leading to a harmful health. In terms of application, there is an Indian actress named Silk Smitha. Due to the fact that she was not a successful producer, had financial difficulties, as well as romantic issues, she eventually slipped into depression. Such a depressive personal life led her to be a constant abuser of alcohol. She believed that this substance abuse will help her out mentally so no medical treatment and help was sought. As time progressed, her depression and dependence on alcohol grew, eventually leading her to commit suicide.

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