Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Poetry Story

An author writes a book or novel to have the whole story put right out for you with a clear cut beginning middle and end. A poet can write a â€Å"novel† in very minimal lines or a few verses. They tell a story but give the rest for you to think and ponder about A poet uses multiple literary devices in one single poem. When reading a poem you have to decode or decipher what the poet is really trying to say. They may use metaphors, Irony and much more, In the poem â€Å"l Finally managed to speak to her†, the poet, Hal Sorority uses both of these literary devices.The first literary device that is used in this poem is a metaphor. The poem â€Å"l finally managed to speak to her† is about a young man sitting across from a young girl on a bus. They are driving through New York City, and he would like to talk to her. He says â€Å"The trees look so much greener is this part of the country. In New York City everything looks so drab. † Although he is referring to the trees, Sorority uses the trees as a metaphor for him. Despite the fact that he has written about the trees you have to look deeper and the meaning and decipher what Is trying to be said.Since the metaphor is really talking about him rather than the trees it really brings out the meaning of the poem. In an interview Sorority said â€Å"she was too self-involved. Or to put it in nicer terms, she wasn't into me. â€Å"(lengthier) When he said this what I got is that when he wrote that she said â€Å"when you find another one let me know† Is that she didn't really want to talk to him so she Is finishing the conversation. The metaphors in this poem are outstanding and really give you a glimpse into the author's life. Till you actually really take a deeper look into the poem and realize what he Is trying to say you may think that he Is literally talking about the trees In different parts of the country. The second literary device that Sorority uses in his poem â€Å"l final ly managed to speak to her† is irony. Irony is used in Sorority poem â€Å"l Finally Managed to Speak to Her because originally reading the poem you blatantly see that he is talking to a girl on the bus about trees. While you reread the poem you start to realize that It Is not just the trees he is talking about, it is her.Even though you want to think one thing there are multiple ways to look at this poem. This is where the irony comes in. Is it Ironic that he says â€Å"everything looks so drab†? If he is trying to talk about her is he trying to refer to every other girl being drab so that she can feel special? Despite the fact that we can look at this many ways Sorority says, â€Å"l wanted her to see me rather than the differences in the trees. † (Interview) It is very ironic that the author is using Reese to talk about a love life that never happened.It's like he is trying to put the trees and the girl he Is talking to out there for others to realize that yo u may get turned down every now and then but don't give up. The literary devices Hal Slowly used in his poem, â€Å"l finally Managed to Speak to Her was metaphor and irony. He used them in two similar ways but when you look at them they are completely different. The way he uses his metaphors Is astonishing. The irony that Is put Into this poem Is all around noteworthy.The way he makes you think about what your reading, and does not just give it to you. Although it is a little more work for the reader it is worth it. When you are just reading It for what is written you will never get the tulle story. Weather you are a girl or boy you can relate to this story because almost every person in the world has been turned down once in their life time and that is what makes this poem over the top, almost everyone can relate to it. Works Cited: Sorority, Hal. â€Å"†I Finally Managed to Speak to Her†Ã¢â‚¬  E-mail interview. 10 Par. 2013

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