Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Essays --

Photography involves using a camera to capture stunning images. Photographers are the one that takes those images. These images can range from different animals, plants, people, events, places, or just about anything else you can see. There are many kinds of photographers each focusing on a certain area of photography. For example a portrait photographer takes professional photographs of individuals or a group of people and usually work in their own studio while nature photographer takes pictures of all aspects of nature including plants and animals and usually work outdoors.A photographer main job is taking pictures but they also have many other responsibilities leading to it depending on what kind of photographer they are.Their responsibilities usually includes talking to clients about a job, research and selecting sites for shoots, working with other professional to take the best images possible such as a lighting director, prepare for shoot such as arranging still life products,p rops,objects,editing and fixing up image they took, keeping updated on new method and technology in th...

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