Friday, September 27, 2019

Sensitive mothering is essential to the social and emotional Essay

Sensitive mothering is essential to the social and emotional development of the child discuss this statement in the context of relevant developmental theory - Essay Example With respect to this, mothering is referred to as a mother’s style of interaction with her child. A mother should be available to the child and should overcome all the needs of the child. Generally, it is stated that a mother’s love and sensitivity creates a harmony among the two bodies and due to this mother-infant relationship is formed (Barnes, 1995). A mother should not only cater to the child needs but she must be sensitive, i.e. she must have the capabilities to correctly interpret her child’s signals, respond to them promptly and appropriately, and encounter fully to her child’s needs. Moreover, it is the mother’s early interaction with the child that leads to behavioral issues. A sensitive mother will produce socialized and self regulated children. Moreover, mothers who are more sensitive and responsive to a child will form a secure, adaptive attachment with their child. Whereas an insensitive mother who rejects or is under involved with her child development, will form an unsecured bond with her child. According to the research, it has also been seen that sensitive mothers do not only have more close relation with their child, but their infants are more dependant on their mothers as compared to any other. The child is not only less dependant on the teachers but they are also more competent with their pe ers and have a more cooperative attitude with adults as children. Thus a sensitive mother not only grooms its child but also builds self-confidence. Sensitive mothering also plays an important role in the child’s pro social and anti social behavior. Sensitive mothers have a strong association with a child’s obedience, impulse control, and self assertion. On the other hand, an insensitive mother is responsible for a child’s negative actions, because lack of love and care from mothers develop disobedience, rebellious and noncompliance nature within a child. Due to this it can be stated that sensitive mothering is extremely

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