Saturday, September 28, 2019

Challenge of leading a diverse workforce Assignment

Challenge of leading a diverse workforce - Assignment Example Diversity maximization in most companies, have become a significant role to play for the management to date. Researchers have reported that there is a higher prospect to a significant increase in adaptability to diversity in years to come (Noe, 2012 p. 34). For an organization to be rendered successful, it has to recognize the urgency of taking remedial action and be willing to put in a lot of effort in diversity management. In recent years, most organizations have consistently faced immense challenges in leading a diverse workforce. The human resource professional s in many companies has been confronted with a lot of setbacks which they have to address at workplace. Communication barriers among employees in an organization are one of the major challenges to diversity. Workers find it difficult to understand one another especially is they are from different countries of origin (Gordon & Whit, 2010 p.56). For instance, an employee from United Kingdom might find it difficult to interac t with a fellow employee from Germany who doesn’t understand English properly. ... A large populace of employees has failed to accept the significant revolution of cultural composition at workplace. Resentment s has accompanied the idea of incorporating people from diverse background and races. Indirect racial discrimination has been evident in organization leading to a poor workers relation. Workers find it uncomfortable relating with their fellow employees from difference race. Others prefer the top management to be composed of individual from a certain race of preference regardless of their skills. For example, in an organization structure composed of many blacks, most workers will prefer their managers to be black for comfort ability (Brislin, 2008 p.45). These conflicts kill the idea of effective management strategy for the best interest of the entire firm. People have resorted to concealing new ideas as a result, which is an impediment to a company’s ‘progress. Religious segregation is another challenge that ought not to be overlooked. Many firms have failed to give freedom to their employees to freely express their cultural beliefs and practices. Subjecting Muslim women to wearing skirts which reach a particular length by management as a dress code portrays unfair treatment. Their norms require full cover of their body. They should be allowed to wear long attire in accordance with their beliefs and practice (Henderson, 1994 p. 21). It has proven to be difficult in implementing diversity at workplace. Advertisement made by organization in media can pose a negative impression to people from different races. Images depicting of only the whites in top management produce a negative impression to some black people who might perceive that the organization does not entertain diversity

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