Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Marketing Management. The issue of obesity in America Essay

Marketing Management. The issue of obesity in America - Essay Example The health and safety industry which manufacture exercise equipments is also likely to gain since there will be more people who will be seeking to purchase the equipment to engage in exercise. According to the survey on the trust of professional in America, it gives a good idea of those who are trusted most by the people and therefore the one who they would like to be associated with. For the purpose of marketing I would use the most trusted professionals like teachers and priest in order to associate the products with. This is because the trust that these people have on these professionals would be translated to the trust that they will develop on the products that are being sold. Therefore in order to market properly, I would target the input of the most trusted professional in adverting the products and services. This means that the consumer would end up buying the product based on the fact that it is associated with the most trusts persona since they will take them as their opinion leaders. The survey on the leisure activities gives the most preferred activity as reading and watching TV. In this case this data can be used to give a good marketing idea since it gives the most used and engaged in leisure activity. If most of the people engage in reading, then it means that books and other related material are likely to be in high demand. Therefore marketer can make good sales from this. It also means that marketer can also take a marketing approach in which they will try to associate their product with the leisure activity that is mostly used by the people. Ethical issues and overweight Here there is an ethical issue about the health of the population and the amount of profit that these food companies are making from the people. In this case MacDonald's and other restaurants have found that it is more profitable to offer people super size fries and drinks which contain more calories in order to make more profits. In this case they have been deceiving the consumers that they are getting more while in the real sense it is the restaurants that are making more.This has had an effect of increasing the number of overweigh Americans. The rate of growth of lifestyle conditions and disease can therefore be directly attributed to the action of these restaurants to bundle meals and make more profits since customer perceive that they are begin give a good deal on the meals. These restaurants have also targeted the most vulnerable groups which is the children and the young people who are not aware of the health effect of junk foods. They have started selling junk food in schools . The food industry has also been using huge amount of resources in order to advertise for these junk foods. This is aimed at attracting more people to the each processed and convenience food despite the health effects that is associated with the food. There is an ethical issue concerning the need for the restaurant to make huge profits and the health of the people. The effects of junk food are very well understood by all people. But on the other hand you have people who are pressed by busy routine schedules in their work. They have little time to prepare quality meals and therefore they are likely to eat what is provided by restaurants. Seeing financial attitude in a cloudy sky Market demand is a description of the consumption of a product or a

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