Friday, September 13, 2019

Favorite childhood memory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Favorite childhood memory - Essay Example They would come down to the shore at night with us and we would spend hours by the fire. I have eight cousins in all, and the beach was a loud place when we were there. The sea was our pool and we spent hours there. At least eight hours out of every day were spent at the beach. The men in the family would spend noon time at the beach bar where they had their time and fun with our moms while we kids would go down to the game area, coins in hand, for hours of fun and junk food and games. Our moms and dads came to get us at six p.m. sharp each night. My mom and dad would have me walk near and each of them would take one of my hands in theirs as we went back to our homes for our night time meal. We always rode in our own van where we all piled in atop each other and then head out to the Italian place where they swore they had the best food in town. That was until the next night. Then we did the same thing all over again. After the night meal we would leave the place and go out for a sweet end to the day at the local ice cream shop. I would oft order the ice cream I loved most, it was a waffle cone fruit dip. To this day, I still do not know what fruit dip that was. All that I knew was that it was the best ice cream I ever had. Since no one was tired yet, the beach was the last stop of the night. The adults would pick a corner at the food court and have their tea and talk, while we would grab hold of each other and get in line for the rides. The ride we liked most was the bump car, as we chased each other on the track and hit each other’s cars. We would go back to our mom and dad all tired, and we would want to eat and drink one more time. Then it was off to the hot dog stand for a hot dog for each child. We would eat and drink as we made our way back to the van for the trip home. I think my dad drove not fast all the time so that we would have more time as a group. That is why it took him an hour to pick them up for

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