Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Review of asian art performance Movie Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Of asian art performance - Movie Review Example Immediately the background vocalists finish singing BhÄ «ma comes and starts destroying the kadili groves. BhÄ «ma finally see Hanuman lying on the way. BhÄ «ma starts wondering who was blocking his way. To BhÄ «ma the person lying on the way looks like an old monkey.BhÄ «matries all he can,including threatening Hanuman but he is eventually unable to get Hanuman out of his way. This performance makes good use of dramaturgy and dance. This is a common characteristic of Indian classical dance forms. It can be seen that in most parts of the performance.The performers make good use of dancing and acting to bring forward the message that intended. It is only during the few occasions that the background singers can be heard coming into the performance with songs that are aimed at giving more details to the performance (Vatsyayan 78). It is through dancing and acting that you can actually get to know that Hanuman tries to imitate an old monkey and that that BhÄ «ma is highly offended by the fact that â€Å" an old fat monkey† lies on his way and refuses to heed to his orders despite that fact that he is royalty. The kind of performance seen in this video really show that the actors use physical stamina, skills, and concentration. It can also be noted that there is extensive use of finger gestures to communicate messages in this performance. Another notable thing about this performance is the choice of costume. Both actors receive different costumes so that their nature can be communicated. Hanuman wears a costume that is hairy at the arms so that there is the ease in associating him with a monkey. Another thing is that BhÄ «ma has attire that has been able to show his royalty.On his head he is wearing a crown and his gown has some golden accessories at the neck. These golden accessories can be said to have been purposely included in the costumes so that audience should be able to associate BhÄ «ma to affluence or royalty. Looking at the makeup used on both actors you

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