Saturday, September 7, 2019

Individual Projct Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Individual Projct - Essay Example Style of management which needs to be applied to a particular organization depends upon various facts. The style of management should be selected according to the nature and size of the organization. The respective style of management should be able to solve all the problems faced by the organization and it should positively contribute for the overall growth and prosperity of the organization. Style of management selected for an organization should be able to handle all the departments, infrastructure and human resource of the organization. The appropriate style of management can increase the efficiency and performance of an organization to a good extent. ‘The right to strike’ is the most basic aspect of any style of management. The level to which the employees are able to strike and the extent to which they are capable of doing so are crucial factors as far as the success of the organization is concerned. The organization will be successful only if the work is coordinat ed and organized properly and if all the staff shows a cooperative mood. The work flow as well as the commitment of the employees depends upon the style of management that is implemented in that organization. Different organizations choose different styles of management. Scientific management is opted by certain organizations as their management strategy. Some other organizations go for human relations management. Scientific management is a particular type of approach to management and industrial organizational psychology. Scientific management is applicable in large manufacturing factories having complex production methods. This style of management talks about the advantages of division of labor. According to the theories of scientific management jobs should be assigned to people depending upon their talents and capabilities. It should be categorized and divided among the respective suitable staff. Scientific management explains the necessity of allocating

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