Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Teacher As A Resource For Students Essay Example for Free

Teacher As A Resource For Students Essay The boy came from The Dominican Republic and did not speak English. This proved to be a problem not just for the young student but his teacher, classmates, and school as well. How would he learn, cope and thrive is his new environment? How would his new surrounding help him adjust? These were the questions that, after a few interventions, were resolved successfully. The intervention began when an aide was appointed to help the boy by serving as his translator. It helped for a while until lessons were starting to get progress. To facilitate learning, I provided supplementary books for the boy’s teacher to equip her in helping the student. Concurrently, the student was given worksheets. With his aide and teacher by his side, the boy started adjusting to his new environment and was learning. He could speak little English and was able to interact with other children. This is a perfect example of what successful teaching is. Successful teaching is a fusion of personal and interpersonal skills and personal and professional commitment (Day, 1999). They act as resources for students. They are the agents of transferring knowledge, skills and values. In this case, employing an aide was a way of capturing and transferring knowledge. Doing one-on-one with the child was also advantageous for it broke the barrier of transmitting information. The aide, in her own way, became an important resource for the student. The teacher also acted as a vital resource. A teacher’s task is to teach but in this case, the teacher also had to learn. She was willing to learn to be able to teach. That is a marking of successful teaching, if a teacher can be a good source for a holistic development of a student. Continued one-on-one guidance with the boy should be encouraged until the boy has completely managed on his own. It is also favorable to continue exposing the boy to his new environment, allowing him to mingle with others and explore. Field trips and activities that foster cooperation may help.

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