Saturday, August 24, 2019

A reflection paper on a book chapter Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

A reflection on a book chapter - Research Paper Example The traditional approach of making comparison in relation to politics employed speculative and normative tools, with Aristotle leading in that pursuit. This comparison made up the pre-modern comparative politics. While the specific start of modernity remains a diverse debate, comparative politics in the modern times dates back to the emergence of various social science disciplines like sociology and political science (Caramani, 2008; Ch.1). Following this, political science is regarded as a young professional practice due to the fact that modernity is associated with the 21st Century. On the other hand, post-modernism is seemingly an upgrade of classical modernity. In this case, political comparisons are systematic and clearly organized, thus the argument that post-modernism is a stage within the process of modernity. This whole pursuit cannot fail to importantly account for political influence across the identified three periods prior to modernity. Contributions towards comparative politics are diverse and dynamic. History has it that many historians and modernists have the shaped comparative politics over time. The highlighted individuals in Chapter One; The Evolution of Comparative Politics are just but a few who have significantly contributed towards the evaluation and assessment of comparative politics throughout pre-modern, modern and post-modern times (Caramani, 2008; Ch.1). Although political undertakings are one of the most volatile practices in the contemporary world, the ideas, concepts and theories aired in the chapter are still relevant. The contemporary times in political context can be said to be modern in nature and paving way to post-modernism. Systematic comparisons of political aspects are evident today, with key players in the political field drawing relevant political concepts from political experts of the past. Therefore, the applicability of political comparisons in current times remains a significant

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