Friday, August 16, 2019

A Competition I Have Participated In Essay

When I was a little boy/girl, I was interested in impromptu speech competition. I wondered their speaking skill and body movements. They were very smart in my eyes. When they were on the stage, they had no fear and they competed like an ideal student. So, I made my mind that, one day, I will be on that stage and show my welled-trained skill in front of many students. I will be an ideal student and I will persuade my juniors made their mind like I did. It is very difficult to participate in impromptu speech competition. Firstly, student who wants to participate must be welled-known his or her title. And then, he must find useful data and information for his title. And he must compose words how will he say in the competition. He, however, cannot compete only by speaking, he must make body movements to complete his competition. The most important point is that he must not be afraid of stage. People use to fear when they are in front of many people and they have to present something. So, I was preparing for all of that fact. One day, my class teacher made an announcement. It was that there would be an impromptu speech competition. Student who wanted to participate, warmed her. So, I gave her my name in a great pleasure. I had my titles of speech and I started to find useful information as much as I could. I was so nervous to compete. But I was so happy. I trained very hard with my topic. My friends helped me and I presented my topic in front of them and they made suggestions. When I thought I was perfect, I went to my class teacher and presented to her. And then, she made a grammatical wrong correction and made useful suggestion. The competition fell on and many students were crowed in the school compound. They were very interested in the competition and they predicted the winner. The competitors held a piece of paper and practiced with their topic. After a short time, the announcer announced that the competition started. After the headmistress said a few words, each of the competitors started to compete. The competition was very active. After one competitor had finished, the applause was very loud. All of the competitors were welled-trained and very smart. Their presentations were very interesting and everyone cannot help listening to it. At that time, my turn fell on and I went onto the stage. I drew lots and my title was â€Å" how will youth overcome the challenge of knowledge age†. It was my best preparation. When I was presenting my topic, everyone was quiet and listening. I was very graceful in my mind and my dream came true. Although I won the second prize, I was very pleased because it was my first competition and the first prize winner was smarter and more welled-trained than me. Through the passage of time, I participate in many kinds of competitions. But I shall never forget my first competition and I am proud of it.

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