Saturday, August 10, 2019

How telecommunication has shaped the work place Assignment

How telecommunication has shaped the work place - Assignment Example Other pertinent information contained in the white paper could be cited as an authoritative source backed by statistical information and encompasses different organizations on a global sphere. The annual report published by Deloitte presented crucial information regarding three significant drivers of change in the global setting: technology, media and telecommunications. From among the noted predictions under telecommunications include: (1) the preponderance of $100 smartphones; (2) technological devise with near field communications (NFC) capabilities would double in growth; (3) web bypass would predominate emphasizing visual connectivity without the need for Internet access; among others. The information contained herein is relevant in the current research in terms of clearly identifying future trends which have significant impacts in the work setting through its impact on current telecommunications resources used by contemporary global organizations; as well as the need to adapt, adjust, and upgrade, as identified. The authors aimed to determine the impact of smartphones in the health care work settings by initially providing an overview of the development of smartphones. Likewise, the authors expounded on assessing how smartphones were instrumental in transforming the work setting in health institutions through the various applications that were initially offered and which caters to the health care environment. The apparent distraction from tasks were closely examined through a SWOT analysis. The findings revealed some detailed guidelines and best practices to monitor and control the use of smartphones and ensure their beneficial applications within the health care setting. This article is useful in the current study particularly in identifying how a telecommunications application, through the smartphone, has significantly affected and shaped the

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