Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Analysis of the Movie Crash Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Analysis of the Crash - Movie Review Example In the movie, the white undercover cop shot the black undercover counterpart and it is revealed that he had gunned down two other black men in the past, which is a pointer towards his hatred of black people. racism gets to its peak when the advisor of the District Attorney together with the black detective get busy at making sure the white cop is incarcerated and charged with racism without even conducting an investigation into the matter and giving the white cop a chance to defend himself. Racism can affect the society significantly if allowed to thrive. It curtails harmonious living among people of different racial backgrounds. Racism also leads to inequality in resource distribution, where the â€Å"superior† race receives a larger share of the national cake than other races. This breeds animosity between races. Also, racism does not allow all citizens to contribute to the societal building because it promotes a group to feel superior to others, which jeopardizes the chances of working together to better the society. Finally, racism is a killer of morality in the society. It perpetuates moral decadence through stereotyping and prejudice among society  members.

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