Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Reaction paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reaction - Research Paper Example oremost, chapter five champions the theme of the myth and reality of Portland’s engaged citizenry and process.Apparently, in the 1950’s there was minimal civic involvement in matters pertaining to planning and development. On that note, this can be attributed to the fact that not many people were literate thus could not participate actively in matters pertaining to planning in the town. However, over the years the civic involvement has rapidly increased. In addition to that, this can be because there has been tremendous increase in literacy levels among the pubic and thus aware of their duty in the development of the town. Furthermore, the book also documents the other factor that has led to the increased civic involvement, is the innovations made in terms of technology. In fact, it is worth noting that the innovations for instance radio have played an important role in creating awareness regarding matters of development and planning of the towns strategies. Evidently, the increased civic involvement has served to boost the live of the people thus is widely accepted among the population. Evidently, drawing basis from the book, the author documents the reason as to this happening is due to the fact of corruption and mismanagement of funds. Apparently, as a result of the actions of the leadership body of the town, the cost of housing among other basic requirements. On that note, this was able to inhibit the growth of this town. It is worth noting that the residents who moved into Portland were characterised by diversity in their culture for instance religion among other differences thus the need for representation in matters pertaining the town. Evidently, through the aid of protest groups they were able to address their grievance and consequently, they were able to get a representative to the towns leadership thus increased the civic involvement of the minority group in matters of planning and development. Subsequently, this representative was mandated with

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