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Operation Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Operation Management - Research Paper Example Firstly, for sustainability, efficiency and to improve infrastructural access throughout all the branches and the teller machines, the NBAD has deployed sophisticated technological system meant to monitor all the data centers. This system has been integrated in a way such that, it helps in power planning, management and distribution by giving warnings about power availability while ensuring consistent customers service for maximum returns output. Moreover, this organization having been ranked amongst the safest banks in the world has opened up numerous branches within the United Arab Emirates as a strategy of gaining competitive advantage. Additionally, the bank has implemented the use of automatic teller machines (ATM) to aid accessibility of transactions with 24 house online customer support. Through telephone calls and online banking categorically termed as Nbadonline or Nbaddirect customers are assured the safest money transactions which, eliminates the threat of physical transac tions of money and chances of robbery (Suwaidi, 1994). National Bank of Abu Dhabi has implemented into its operation, finacle management systems with treasury as well as capital market business. This system helps in minimizing risks associated with trading in securities while offering financial assistance in relevance to office operations. NBAD has had sustainable operations by focusing on service delivery to the customers through the deployment of finacle system which, helps in the reduction of cost through effective and non faulted operations as one way of achieving the objectives and visions of the organization (Suwaidi, 1994). National Bank of Abu Dhabi believes in a centralized of financial process in where adequate funds can be dispatched in support of other operations within the organization while prioritizing for higher returns with very minimal anticipating of risks. Besides this idea, NBAD has invested in financial management systems that enables the customers to have accu rate execution of the transactions focusing on cash optimization efficiency through a round the clock automation systems. Moreover, the organization is equipped with an enterprise resource programs where the treasury, management board and the other industries are involved in to the in integration of automated systems that sees transactions from one organization to the other. National Bank of Abu Dhabi has succeeded in the integration of optimized transaction system with the development and Tourism Company to enable cash management efficiency and other likeminded organizations with the treasury (Peng, 2012). NBAD is also practices divergent transparency when it to the relationship with the investors, this has been made through availing of timely financial information and reports which, are basically aided by financial fact sheet and other reports which can be acceded easily through the decision support systems linked to the investors portals. Through such systems, stakeholders are ab le to make timely decision about the appropriate time to sell or make purchases of investment securities (Peng, 2012). . Operation management and qualities of Emirates Airlines Company Despite the fact that emirates Airline Company is wholly owned by the government of Dubai, it has revolutionized into a global

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