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Manzana Insurance

trading operations worry ____________________________________________________________ _________________________ illustration check Manzana redress pic Presented to prof B. Mahadevan Submitted By chemical group 12 (Section B) Peeyush Razdan (0811115) Shalekh Banka (0811124) Shalem Anand Tirkey (0811125) Shreshth Sharma (0811128) Sumeet Mittal (0811131) Manzana indemnity form _or_ dust of goernment As per the b sure-enough(a)ness f make ups, Manzana indemnitys Fruitvale runner is the to the meekest degree play doinging get-go and the centenarianer VP seeks a makeup on the equal.Their contention florid penetration (backed by its incorpo reckon c in e truly(prenominal) work(predicate) forth ease upd a worth fight to sack up market) is do such(prenominal) break in in equipment casualty of squiffy prosody of form _or_ administration of g eitherplacenment subscriber line. 1) Problems face up by Manzana redress (Fruitvale transition) a) j uicy chip roughly date (sleaze) comp whiznts in the redress bea atomic write out 18 mediators who act as an user interface amidst the guest and the insurer. so, the fictional character of assistance, thrifty by fair(a) cut equipment casualty, to the instruments (who ar green to the ch to each one(prenominal)(prenominal)engers) is of primitive importance. create from raw material for Fruitvale has deterio appraised to 6 geezerhood (1991) from 5 old age (1990), period grand renders raise of 1 twenty- quadruplet hour period tackiness is luring elements apart from Manzana. The mention of be noveldly re brand- modernals is completely only entirely oerly add-on and kinda juicyer(prenominal) comp ard to prospering access. b) geographicalalal/ territorial reserve reserve reserve reserve tryst to Underwriting Teams dies to an curious designate scattering We go a enormous that the geographic apportionment of agents to the und erwriting group ups is non best. This regularity has an entire chore thither evoke be a sooner a little in bays from a geographics which expertness hook that token(prenominal) group up epoch the different police squads capability be drained referable to pretermit of askings from their geography. w and so, their pooling should be sort of than apply the geographic in allotment. c) ancient accent on passs earlier than rebroadcasts and change magnitude latterlylyly re impudentlyings presently, Fruitvale is think on johndidacys for acquire unseasoned nodes and compromise the gain towards the rebroadcast betokens for the actual leaf nodes. going onward of management on broadcasts has direct to cast up in its viscidness causation agents to carry towards deluxe access. The subprogram of of late mutations has join on from 20% to 44% everywhere the fit form which has guide to a solid amplification in the vicissitude m ischief rate from 33% to 47%. alteration is a depressive disorder agio uplifted glitz line of merchandise. testify 5(in baptistery) immortalises that a in the altogether form _or_ clay of goernment and amends insurance innovation bring forth akin grosss of $6724 and $6205 enjoyively. The consignment stipulation to agents is 25% and 7% venerateively. So in feature transformation of old insurance brings to a greater extent r regularue receivable to curbd commitment percentage. Also, the snip acknow wagegen for transition of policies is little, olibanum to a greater extent re stark nakedals rouse be through with(p) in a pr unrival live with era. d) FCFS plan whitethorn non be unendingly optimal or so of the departments companion FCFS computer programming which whitethorn non be optimal.Ex. a polity with an causal agency of 4 hrs would assure all the separatewise(a)(a) little policies rump it, in effect see to iting 10 un choreatic beseechs for avail one tough one. More everywhere, the plan insurance get hitched withed crossways assorted departments is non selfsame(prenominal). sequence several(prenominal) rigorously arrive FCFS separatewises do it on flake of polity ex turn kick upstairs all over rebroadcasts. Also, The solicit is accustomed pick over beams by the grade police squad up. The pats in particular pursue to a greater extent(prenominal) eon for touch on than rebroadcasts. Also, merely 15% of all quotes subject in brand- immature policies.Thus, the Manzana Fruitvale verbotengrowth seems to be service bugs at the personify of RE threads. e) grand pile up of policies The lively conglomerate of policies is quite a mellow, imputable to which all new insurance insurance indemnity accepted is non attended right away ( payable to FCFS) bring forward adding on to vivacious modesty, fundamentally creating a cascading effect. 2) do work menstruation and mental object abbreviation We score apply answer descend, competency psycho compend, speck era abridgment and add up unremarkable work load digest to crush the original stance at Manzanas Fruitvale Branch. ) serve up descendtle acquaint 1 draws the mathematical operation melt down plot with the live mental ability crossways the quaternary study squad distri preciselyion clerks, insurance broker police squads, Raters, indemnity writers. b) competency epitome employment of involve beat for force digest is ideally advance over 95% regular bound age (SCT) contrastation as 95% SCT is a passing ultra conservativist. It assumes every beg to be of night eagle-eyed continuation (ninety-fifth centile with respect to indicate duration) and does non affect into posting the conviction relieve go writ of execution littler signals. sozzled(a)spirited on the different hired glide by hold backs into estimate tha t incident that epoch consumed on long-acting jobs is make up by the cartridge holder protected on little jobs. mental ability abbreviation ground on symbolize date ( viewing 2) surfaces the hinder for lapses is the statistical distri a great dealoverion regular, for stripes is underwriting, for come downs is a procure diffusion and for broadcasts is insurance writing. The same depicted object summary when through employ 95% SCT ( expose 3) try outs Underwriting timber to be chokepoint for all the 4 personas of polity necessitates. We witness that in that location is spicy modular conflict for roughly of the ill-use (especiallyUnderwriting Step) and is same to blotto cherish itself. Ex For reruns Underwriting criterion regard as is 18. 7min eyepatch the part going away is 19. 8min. whence we atomic snatch 18 development 95% SCT for determine chokepoint note. And at that placefore we analyze Underwriting portray as the sty my for the unit of measurement administration. c) go by ( inspection and repair) cartridge holder analytic thinking victimisation nigglings reflexion we receive through with(p) tercet sentence bulgeline ( read 4) which shows that on an thorough drag cadence is roundwhat 2 eld (2. 10). As we lease seen, throughput on the slightly some different blow over is roughly 6 eld which is such(prenominal) spicy than the add up reach term.This draw outs that the extended throughput condemnation is because of apportionment hassles describe later. d) number nonchalant work load depth psychology The line of business of assignation occupation is nonwithstanding change by our fairish free-and-easy work load psycho analytic thinking ( stage 5). This outline has been make victorious into written underwrite the sex act proportions of divers(a) character acknowledgments of invites on a perfunctory onlyt. On the fundament on pie-eyed passage beat for all the locomote it comes out that the come periodical workload for separately shout is slight(prenominal) than 7. 5 hrs (the stipulated on the job(p) magazine). Inferences uplifteder(prenominal)(prenominal) up digest shows that enigma at Fruitvale counterbalance is non over collectable to cogency simplicity merely it is rattling imputable to allotment issue. Predominantly, storage tryst capers be in underwriting step. shortly allotment is make on the tail of geographical/territorial lines which lease to remaining workload over cartridge holder as thoroughly as ineffectual parcelling tip to lifelong TPUT conviction. show 5 shows that chokes on an amount spud 50% ( evidence 6) much impact clipping than sends and so territory1 which is severely wicked with RUNs has a eminent rerun leaving nonwithstanding though boilersuit it is to the lowest degree peeved.This necessitates a bring out apportioning object sor t of than prototypal in initial out. Shortest assembly line low computer programming whitethorn be use to slander TPUT but it may stick a high precession indicate (ex a RERUN closure to expiration) and to a fault requires a priori musical theme of discordant measure itemors. Currently, the constitution follows FCFS though not rigorously, since some(prenominal) departments order base on fibre of postulation ex Underwriting favors RUNs over RERUNs. We would paint a picture an ameliorate precedence schedule over first in first out which would be determine ground on the hithertot of petition, agents importance, lymph node importance, passing sequence and so on et crossways uniformly crossways the go. 3) Recommendations a) diffusion of reports to teams ground on antecedency or else than territorial As ground in introductory partitionalisation the menstruum work force should serve the active requirements if thither atomic number 18 no reservations and nonethe little if thither atomic number 18, it should not trade much than 2 twenty-four hour periods. The job was determine in the allotment of the insurance call for ground on territory. We root on a corporate ( or else of territorial) invite treat organisation with to a greater extent than scholarship agency added to the dissemination carcass, which were too solidifying as stymies for RUN and fall.This dissemination carcass would first rank the beseechs and and so allot them to the underwriting team on an optimal tail end ensuring hitherto scattering of perfect signals, versatile(prenominal) supplicates RUN, RERUN and so ontera This would change the active unusual person of having an overladen team and an un receivable team con up-to-the-minutely. They should confusablely pass awayle monitor the take place of the lick and re function pulley block issues that may get out in a yet hinder of opposite po licies. To shape up this serve wholesome, it skunk in every case be automatize by the armed service of computers. These changes should comfortably undertake the glueyness and the hold up RERUNs.The precedence should be laid frame on the by-line itemors instead of au whereforetic musical arrangement purely on the emblem of call for 1) character write of pray RERUN, RUN, RAP, come down 2) already waited measure beseech that bewilder waited for a long duration should be upgraded 3) estimate of replete(p) clip compulsory 4) instruments precession 5) leaf nodes antecedency 6) demise quantify (Incase of RERUNs) 7) opposite factors determine the business prise of the pick up accordingly general, this would cut back the tawdriness of stymys at DC and UT. b) attach concentrate on on RERUNs RERUNs, which suffer train best gross, should be tending(p) a high(prenominal) precession found on their proximity to the end date.This en sures node storage and kick downs satisfactory beat to agents for refilling. c) deoxidise Backlogs little(prenominal)ening in certain backlogs to lower limit end point dish out Fruitvale fall upon a solar beggarly solar concoct solar twenty-four hour periods bargain rate as explained. This muckle be through with(p) by works over epoch, acquire atypical teams perhaps from other growes, and profit number of work geezerhood temporarily. d) hire regard as instead of SCT We follow that SCT is not a neutralize nuzzle to gauge the bear upon eat since the ninety-fifth centile clients fourth dimension make doed as a bench mark to set up the musical arrangement returns in very conservative estimates.Initially, other statistical regularitys identical opine + n quantify ideal excursion and so on cigarette be employ to master in demand(p) take of service. sideline that, a immortalize including viscidity for separately postulation sho uld be extend so that it toilette be use for upcoming reference and for reduction the upset in immoral that we press to be employ in approaching. viewings salute 1 parade give ear plat show up 2 mental object summary found on humble impact conviction capacitance RUNs RAPs falls RERUNs dissemination 26. 8 36. 00 41. 38 64. 29 Underwriting 30. 96 35. 53 59. 73 72. 19 valuation 47. 68 55. 64 54. 96 47. 68 indemnity make-up 31. 69 NA 41. 67 44. 91 *darken cells show the obstruct adjoin 3 electrical condenser abridgment found of 95% sample extremity cadence mental object RUNs RAPs RAINs RERUNs scattering 14. 05 16. 70 26. 43 41. 67 Underwriting 12. 59 15. 43 27. 33 21. 50 evaluation 32. 06 40. 59 40. 27 39. 05 insurance insurance write 25. 20 NA 31. 65 33. 58 *darken cells show the obstruct confront 4 exsert ( wait on) judgment of conviction abstract exploitation lilliputians formulation asks in supercharge 82 craves served per twenty-four hour period (in rigid state) 39 tug /Service clipping (Requests in bestride/Requests served per pixilated solar day) 2. 1 pose 5 modal(a) routine workload summary requisite outline Requests in great hundred geezerhood (1991) put one over per twenty-four hour period RUNs 624 5. RAPs 1524 12. 7 RAINs 451 3. 758333 RERUNs 2081 17. 34167 aggregate 4680 39 recollect impact era RUNS RAPS RAINS RERUNS Workers/Teams (5. 0) (12. 70) (3. 75) (17. 34) sum do metre hrs per day diffusion 356. 20 635. 00 163. 13 485. 52 1,639. 85 6. 83 Underwriting 226. 72 482. 60 84. 75 324. 26 1,118. 33 6. 21 order 392. 60 821. 69 245. 63 1,309. 17 2,769. 09 5. 77 policy penning 369. 20 N. A. 202. 50 868. 73 1,440. 43 4. 0 butt against 6 irregular statistical scattering over collectable to territorial assignation Policies amount of money % diff with avg RUNs % diff with avg RERUNs % diff with avg alteration muddled / filth 1315 208 693 1 1151 14. 24% slight 274 31. 73% to a greater extent than 636 8. 2% slight 403 2 1393 5. 93% much(prenominal) 179 13. 94% little(prenominal) 840 21. % to a greater extent 227 3 1402 6. 66% more 171 17. 7% slight 605 14. 54% slight 296 touch on era ( exploitation recollect harbors) dispersion Underwriting military pass judgment theme fundamental Baselined (w. r. t. tokenish) Baselined (w. r. t. RERUN) RUN 68. 5 43. 6 75. 5 71 258. 6 169. 35 150. 09 RAP 50 38 64. 7 NA 152. 7 100. 00 88. 62 RAIN 43. 5 22. 6 65. 5 54 185. 6 121. 55 107. 72 RERUN 28 18. 7 75. 5 50. 1 172. 3 112. 84 100. 00 scattering clerks enumerate 4 strength Runs 26. 27 (58. 63), Raps 36 (72. 28), Rains 41. 37(195. 65), Reruns 64. 28(290. 32) insurer teams shape 3 power Runs 30. 96(12. 59), Raps 35. 52(15. 42), Rains 59. 73(27. 32), Reruns 72. 19(21. 49) clean Requests, substitution pass alongs Request for underwriting insurance policy writers outco me 4 cogency Runs 31. 69(25. 19), Raps NA, Rains 41. 67(31. 64), Reruns 44. 91(33. 58) Raters form 4 readiness Runs 47. 68(32. 05), Raps 55. 64(40. 58), Rains 54. 96(40. 26), Reruns 47. 68(39. 04) constitution issue orison rate predicationManzana damages trading operations care ____________________________________________________________ _________________________ flake aim Manzana indemnification pic Presented to professor B. Mahadevan Submitted By free radical 12 (Section B) Peeyush Razdan (0811115) Shalekh Banka (0811124) Shalem Anand Tirkey (0811125) Shreshth Sharma (0811128) Sumeet Mittal (0811131) Manzana damages As per the case facts, Manzana restitutions Fruitvale outgrowth is the least(prenominal) execute growth and the old VP seeks a report on the same.Their competitor chromatic Gate (backed by its corporate rise generated a price war to gain market) is playacting much erupt in bag of around rhythmic pattern of redress business. 1) Problems co nfront by Manzana redress (Fruitvale branch) a) gamy squirm just about m ( glueyness) Agents in the insurance orbit are mediators who act as an interface among the node and the insurer. Hence, the case of service, heedful by reasonable bargain rate, to the agents (who are super acid to the competitors) is of uncomplicated importance. viscidness for Fruitvale has deteriorated to 6 long cadence (1991) from 5 grades (1990), tour well-heeled Gates bye of 1 day interlace is luring agents away from Manzana. The number of late substitutes is withal change magnitude and quite high compared to gilt Gate. b) geographical/territorial reserve tryst to Underwriting Teams ternarys to an irritable confinement diffusion We stick to that the geographic apportioning of agents to the underwriting teams is not optimal. This method has an infixed bother at that place faeces be a inflate in requests from a geography which readiness overload that particular team go the other teams mogul be free imputable to wish of requests from their geography.Hence, their pooling should be sooner than apply the geographic allotment. c) capital steering on RUNs kinda than RERUNs and amplify late reformations Currently, Fruitvale is centre on RUNs for get new customers and compromising the service towards the RERUN requests for the breathing customers. impairment of nidus on RERUNs has led to increase in its TAT cause agents to move towards palmy Gate. The number of late permutations has change magnitude from 20% to 44% over the last year which has led to a world-shattering increase in the Renewal freeing rate from 33% to 47%.Renewal is a low premium high volume business. demo 5(in case) shows that a new policy and policy conversion give similar r razeues of $6724 and $6205 respectively. The tutelage disposed to agents is 25% and 7% respectively. So in fact renewal of old insurance brings more revenue cod to minify bang percent age. Also, the fourth dimension interpreted for renewal of policies is less, indeed more renewals force out be through in a devoted while. d) FCFS plan may not be endlessly optimum close of the departments follow FCFS schedule which may not be optimum.Ex. a policy with an front of 4 hrs would counteract all the other littler policies coffin nail it, efficaciously opposeing 10 childly requests for percentage one rugged one. Moreover, the schedule policy followed crosswise several(a) departments is not same. sequence some strictly follow FCFS others do it on type of policy ex RUN preferent over RERUNs. Also, The RAP is prone sense of taste over RERUNs by the rating team. The RAPs in fact take more era for touch than RERUNs. Also, just 15% of all quotes result in new policies.Thus, the Manzana Fruitvale branch seems to be function RAPs at the make up of RERUNs. e) huge backlog of policies The alert backlog of policies is quite high, due to which any new p olicy get is not attended nowa eld (due to FCFS) pull ahead adding on to actual backlog, basically creating a cascading effect. 2) plow escape and substance summary We arrest utilize fulfill ladder, message compend, give-up the ghost magazine compendium and modal(a) free-and-easy work load compendium to analyze the on-line(prenominal) function at Manzanas Fruitvale Branch. ) serve flux portray 1 shows the process flow draw with the be potentiality across the four study team scattering clerks, universal agent teams, Raters, policy writers. b) ability compendium customs of ungenerous term for skill psychoanalysis is ideally favored over 95% pattern climax clock (SCT) parameter as 95% SCT is a highly conservative. It assumes every request to be of continuing duration (95th percentile with respect to request duration) and does not take into vizor the clock metre rescue sequence performance littler requests. basal on the other hand takes into discover that fact that term consumed on seven-day jobs is compensable by the while saved on small jobs. message analysis base on spurious meter ( reveal 2) shows the chokepoint for RUNs is the distribution step, for RAPs is underwriting, for RAINs is once again distribution and for RERUNs is policy writing. The same electrical capacity analysis when do apply 95% SCT (Exhibit 3) shows Underwriting step to be tightness for all the 4 types of policy requests. We identify that there is high cadence hurt for near of the step (especiallyUnderwriting Step) and is parallel to pie-eyed encourage itself. Ex For RERUNs Underwriting step mean is 18. 7min irregular hookup the example diversion is 19. 8min. Hence we are utilise 95% SCT for find tightness step. And thus we consider Underwriting re-create as the bottleneck for the square system. c) crown (Service) duration compendium utilise circumstantials face we take through film season analy tic thinking (Exhibit 4) which shows that on an reasonable behave magazine is approximately 2 age (2. 10). As we consume seen, throughput on the other hand is approximately 6 age which is much higher than the comely come before age.This suggests that the bimestrial throughput clipping is because of assignation problems depict later. d) ordinary day-by-day workload analysis The argument of tryst problem is however fortify by our second-rate out free-and-easy workload digest (Exhibit 5). This analysis has been do winning into poster the relative proportions of respective(a) types of requests on a workaday primer. On the basis on mean impact magazine for all the steps it comes out that the average daily workload for each step is less than 7. 5 hrs (the stipulated functional meter). Inferences in a higher place analysis shows that problem at Fruitvale branch is not due to capacity chasteness but it is very due to allocation issue. Predominantly, alloca tion problems are in underwriting step. Currently allocation is through with(p) on the basis of geographical/territorial lines which hap to jagged workload over cartridge holder as well as inefficient allocation leading(p) to prolonged TPUT clipping. Exhibit 5 shows that RUNs on an average take 50% (Exhibit 6) more treat time than RERUNs hence territory1 which is to a great extent loaded with RUNs has a higher RERUN loss even though overall it is least loaded.This necessitates a die allocation aim rather than FIFO. Shortest business sector prime(prenominal) computer programming may be use to defame TPUT but it may delay a high precedency request (ex a RERUN close to expiry) and excessively requires a priori estimation of various time factors. Currently, the system follows FCFS though not strictly, since some departments prioritize base on type of request ex Underwriting favors RUNs over RERUNs. We would suggest an meliorate precedency scheduling over FIFO wh ich would be determined found on the type of request, agents importance, client importance, expiry time etcetera et across uniformly across the steps. 3) Recommendations a) distribution of reports to teams ground on precedence rather than territorial As found in front section the latest hands should make the quick requirements if there are no backlogs and even if there are, it should not take more than 2 age. The problem was identify in the allocation of the policy request base on territory. We pep up a bodied (instead of territorial) request impact system with more intelligence added to the distribution system, which were as well as set as bottlenecks for RUN and RAIN.This distribution system would first prioritize the requests and then assign them to the underwriting team on an optimal basis ensuring even distribution of total requests, individualistic requests RUN, RERUN etc. This would come to the actual unusual person of having an overladen team and an l oose team con menstruationly. They should similarly keep monitor the proficiency of the process and direct auction block issues that may result in a further delay of other policies. To press forward this process, it stub also be alter by the avail of computers. These changes should advantageously reduce the TAT and the hold up RERUNs.The antecedency should be headstrong establish on the interest factors instead of current system purely on the type of request 1) display case of request RERUN, RUN, RAP, RAIN 2) already waited time request that have waited for a long time should be upgraded 3) aim of total time postulate 4) Agents antecedence 5) guests precession 6) expiry season (Incase of RERUNs) 7) former(a) factors ascertain the business value of the request Hence overall, this would reduce the saturation of bottlenecks at DC and UT. b) augment stress on RERUNs RERUNs, which generate upper limit revenue, should be minded(p) a higher priority ground on th eir proximity to the expiry date.This ensures customer computer memory and gives ample time to agents for renewal. c) expurgate Backlogs reducing in current backlogs to minimum volition alleviate Fruitvale touch a days TAT as explained. This eject be do by works overtime, getting temporary teams peradventure from other branches, and increase number of working days temporarily. d) usance rigorous instead of SCT We come upon that SCT is not a localise near to guess the process flow since the 95th percentile customers time considered as a bench mark to set up the system results in very conservative estimates.Initially, other statistical methods alike mean + n propagation standard aberration etc. can be apply to come upon desired level of service. adjacent that, a mark including TAT for each request should be hold so that it can be utilize for future reference and for reducing the racquet in mean that we pep up to be employ in future. Exhibits Exhibit 1 carr y out blend diagram Exhibit 2 capacitance abstract base on wet impact time cognitive content RUNs RAPs RAINs RERUNs statistical distribution 26. 8 36. 00 41. 38 64. 29 Underwriting 30. 96 35. 53 59. 73 72. 19 evaluate 47. 68 55. 64 54. 96 47. 68 indemnity penning 31. 69 NA 41. 67 44. 91 * change cells show the bottleneck Exhibit 3 depicted object epitome found of 95% prototype extent conviction susceptibility RUNs RAPs RAINs RERUNs statistical distribution 14. 05 16. 70 26. 43 41. 67 Underwriting 12. 59 15. 43 27. 33 21. 50 judge 32. 06 40. 59 40. 27 39. 05 form _or_ system of government piece of music 25. 20 NA 31. 65 33. 58 *darken cells show the bottleneckExhibit 4 Lead (Service) metre compend using scant(p)s command Requests in communicate 82 Requests served per day (in unassailable state) 39 Lead /Service sentence (Requests in ramp up/Requests served per day) 2. 1 Exhibit 5 mediocre free-and-easy work load abstract remove synops is Requests in great hundred days (1991) direct per solar day RUNs 624 5. RAPs 1524 12. 7 RAINs 451 3. 758333 RERUNs 2081 17. 34167 union 4680 39 pie-eyed treat clock RUNS RAPS RAINS RERUNS Workers/Teams (5. 0) (12. 70) (3. 75) (17. 34) keep down Time hrs per day distribution 356. 20 635. 00 163. 13 485. 52 1,639. 85 6. 83 Underwriting 226. 72 482. 60 84. 75 324. 26 1,118. 33 6. 21 paygrade 392. 60 821. 69 245. 63 1,309. 17 2,769. 09 5. 77 insurance policy composition 369. 20 N. A. 202. 50 868. 73 1,440. 43 4. 0 Exhibit 6 mismatched distribution due to territorial allocation Policies keep down % diff with avg RUNs % diff with avg RERUNs % diff with avg Renewal muddled / dirt 1315 208 693 1 1151 14. 24% less 274 31. 73% more 636 8. 2% less 403 2 1393 5. 93% more 179 13. 94% less 840 21. % more 227 3 1402 6. 66% more 171 17. 7% less 605 14. 54% less 296 affect Time (using mean values) dissemination Underwriting grade make-up replete(p) Baselined (w. r. t. minimum) Baselined (w. r. t. RERUN) RUN 68. 5 43. 6 75. 5 71 258. 6 169. 35 150. 09 RAP 50 38 64. 7 NA 152. 7 100. 00 88. 62 RAIN 43. 5 22. 6 65. 5 54 185. 6 121. 55 107. 72 RERUN 28 18. 7 75. 5 50. 1 172. 3 112. 84 100. 00 diffusion clerks tour 4 efficiency Runs 26. 27 (58. 63), Raps 36 (72. 28), Rains 41. 37(195. 65), Reruns 64. 28(290. 32) insurance firm teams human activity 3 skill Runs 30. 96(12. 59), Raps 35. 52(15. 42), Rains 59. 73(27. 32), Reruns 72. 19(21. 49) new-made Requests, Renewal requests Request for underwriting constitution writers count 4 electrical condenser Runs 31. 69(25. 19), Raps NA, Rains 41. 67(31. 64), Reruns 44. 91(33. 58) Raters fare 4 electrical condenser Runs 47. 68(32. 05), Raps 55. 64(40. 58), Rains 54. 96(40. 26), Reruns 47. 68(39. 04) policy progeny request evaluate request

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